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Restore your Databases - Knowledgebase / Backup/Restore - Papaki

Restore your Databases

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With this service, you can can restore your website's files and Databases to a prior status.

1. Log in to your Control Panel.

2. In the "Hosting Plans” area of your control panel, click on the hosting plan you wish to restore.

3. Find the Backup/Restore service and click on the icon as seen below.

4. Go to "Restore Tab” → "Databases Backups” tab → click on the domain you wish to restore.

5. You now see a list with the daily Backups of your database. Find the date of the Backup you wish to restore and click "Restore”.

6. Be sure that you have chosen the right date, because as soon as the restore process is completed the existing database files will be deleted. The restore process is now on progress.

7. As soon as the restore process is completed, you will see the confirmation.

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